Technology Competencies and Journalism Standard Should Be Balanced

The Chairperson of IJTI, Yadi Hendriana (second from left) and News Director of Metro TV Don Bosco Salamun (second from right) pose with other speakers at a panel session entitled “Press in the Era of Media Convergence” in pre-event program of World Press Freedom Day 2017, on Monday (01/05), in Jakarta Convention Center. Photo by: Putri Aulia Farina

JAKARTA — The chairperson of the Indonesian Television Journalists Association (IJTI), Yadi Hendriana, has urged the TV journalists to improve their technology competencies while complying with the existing journalistic standard to survive the convergence era.

Hendriana said the Indonesian press has been struggling in facing the convergence era. That’s why the skills of the Indonesian TV journalists in mastering the new platform of technology are still far behind from those of the developed countries.

“But at least, as I can observe, there is a strong will from the journalists to step in the convergence era,” Hendriana said during a panel session entitled “Press in the Era of Media Convergence” in pre-event program of World Press Freedom Day, on Monday (01/05), in Jakarta Convention Center.

Moreover, Hendriana said the convergence era was not merely about adapting to new platforms. It was, after all, about persistently producing contents that can be trusted by the public.

“So, journalists do not need to be afraid of media convergence. Just stay focus to the reliable and inspiring products,” said Hendriana, adding that the A-B-C formula of “Accuracy, Balance, and Clarity” must still be imposed by TV journalists no matter the platform they use to broadcast their journalism pieces.

Meanwhile, other speaker, the News Director of Metro TV, Don Bosco Salamun stressed on the importance of enforcing the journalism code of conduct in the seemingly more-freedom ambiance of digital era.

Journalists are still attached to the value of journalistic standard while enjoying the freedom.

“The better the enforcement of code of conduct, the better the freedom of the press,” he said.

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