Abdallah Alkafaween / Photo by: Ben Latuihamallo

By Putri Aulia Faradina and Meghan Levana

Don’t have any idea how to tackle hate speech and misinformation on the internet? Well, check the following tips from Abdullah Alkafaween, a Jordanian trainer in media, information, and digital literacy in the sidelines of World Press Freedom Day event in Jakarta.

  1. Don’t wait, just check!

Know how to read the information. Don’t be fooled by the messages. Because the producers of the message may have certain agendas. Be initiative to check and verify the message.

  1. Be critical

Use your mind to criticize the information. We need to be selective and question the abundant information and data that we receive. Make use a lot of tools to confirm the information, including books and other relevant references.

  1. Express yourself in a right way and right place

Learn how to express your opinion in the right way and right place. The unchecked and unverified information would affect other people negatively if you share it recklessly. Think before you write or speak through any online media entities.



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