Protection for Alternative Media Journalist


Freedom of expression and safety for journalism have become the most discussed issue in World Press Freedom Day. But, there’s no one of the discussion in the World Press Freedom Day events that take the theme about alternative media or start up media such as AJ+,, Remotivi, Independent Media Center, or BuzzFeed.

Start up media has become a popular media in this world nowadays, also in Indonesia. But, the protection for the alternative media isn’t obvious. The ambiguous regulation is being matter.

Media that is recognized as a pers by the Indonesia Press Council is only media that has coorporation and legal entity. Meanwhile the start-up media doesn’t have a those things yet. So, how about the protection for journalists in start-up media, especially in Indonesia? Here is the response from people we have interviewed.

Alfiyya Dhiya Haq
Lukman Hoedi Y.


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