Voice of Millennials (VOM) is a group of young journalists coming from different countries from around the world, covering UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day.

This year, we’ll be covering the World Press Freedom Day 2017 with the global theme of Critical Minds for Critical Times: Media’s role in advancing peaceful, just and inclusive societies in Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC), Senayan, Indonesia. The event will be kicked off on Monday, May 1st and concluded on May 4th, 2017. We’re publishing an E-Magazine with stories and topics surrounding press freedom conditions from around the globe as well as an online media Voiceofmillennials.com.

What used to be known as only World Press Freedom Day’s Youth News Room is named as “Voice of Millennials” for this year celebration. We hope with that name, we as millennials can give a fresh air of contribution towards the future of journalism, freedom of expression, and press freedom, as well as fighting for them.

Voice of Millenials are:

Narendra Hutomo Martokoesoemo (Editor In Chief / Managing Editor)
Jennifer Sidharta (Deputy Managing Editor)


Muhammad Hafizh (Head Photographer), Ben Lazar Latuihamallo, Gustama Pandu, Albizia Akbar, Siow Jing En, Ooi Jing Yi, Omar Benabdelaziz, Aino Haili, Yerica Estella


Annisa Meidiana Rusyda (Head Videographer), Ni Putu Angelina Arcana, Devin Yiulianto, Berlinda All-Masih, Sindy Febriyani, Alfiyya Dhiya Haq, Lukman Hoedi, Iqbal Maulana, Nagham Kilani, Tommi Kolehmainen, Emma Rahikainen, Shintia Savitri


Salsabila Tsuraya (Head Designer), Natasya Dinda Rizky, Tri Utami Rosemarwati, Kasmiima Jasmina Kauta


Jessica Damiana (Head of Social Media Strategist and Producer), Siti Rinda Rufaidah, Silviyani Tanil, Joanne Fernandez, Joel Chong Tze Yi, Piya Raj


Vanni Rahmi Putri (Head of Administration)

Contact and enquiries: [email protected] / [email protected]