Jennifer Sidharta

Hello, Päivää, Selamat petang, مساء الخير, Marhaba! Call me Jen or Jenni, and I’m in the text team, just like Jenifer Wirawan 😉

I love to write about anything, especially on human rights topics such as child marriage – I guess I talked too much about it cause now my friends share every social media posts about child marriage they’ve found to me.

Recently I was taught how to visualize data easily via websites like piktochart and was so mesmerized that I decided from now on I’ll produce more interactive data journalism story (yes sometimes I’m that impulsive!).

I’m part of Indonesian delegates for 2016 WPFD Youth Newsroom (the others are Annisa Meidiana Jessica Damiana Narendra Hutomo). I learn so much there and I’m very excited to see Anne Leppäjärvi Tommi Kolehmainen again!

My happiness comes from K-pop & K-variety shows, Taiwanese food (XXL fried chicken and bubble tea are the best!), novels, Sherlock (the TV series produced by BBC), Japanese-Chinese-Korean comics, food, wild imaginations and getting to know people like you!

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