Jessica Damiana

Hello! This is Jessica Damiana. Last year, Narendra Hutomo, Annisa Meidiana, Jennifer Sidharta and I worked ​at #WPFD2016 #YouthNewsroom in Helsinki. We were called #Freezine.

You can find our articles here (…/…) and here (…/shut-speak-freedom-speech-press…/).

My first Youth Newsroom experience was great! Met a lot of journos and attended many sessions about #PressFreedom. I never thought I could see Christiane Amanpour & Maria Ressa in person.​ You see, as journalism students, attending this event will ​encourage us to be brave and critical about #FreedomofExpression.

We arrived during the May Day celebration. #Vappu was a very unique experience since here in Indonesia, May Day is usually celebrated with demonstration and long march. In Finland, ​everyone celebrates it by having picnic ​in Kaivopuisto​ Park​!​

In September 2016, my campus, Multimedia Nusantara University ​co-​hosted Jakarta World Forum for Media Development along with Indonesian Press Council and Global Forum for Media Development. (phew! that was mouthful)

We took this opportunity to create #Mugscope,​ ​to get a hands-on experience​ ​on how to manage a newsroom​. ​(​​)​

​I became the youngest person to speak at #JWFMD2016 (…). So yeah, I’m kind of a big deal 😀

​I can’t wait to see you all and hear your stories about press freedom in your country <3! ​Short description of me: I love Indomie. (go google it you won't regret it) ​#​VoiceofMillennials will be my third #YouthNewsroom. By the way can you tell that I'm the social media editor?​

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